Green Dot Receptacles

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

Electrical receptacles, also known as outlets, need to follow certain guidelines and pass specific tests no matter what they may be used for. Each different grade of the receptacle is clearly marked with its classification. One of these classifications is marked with a green dot. What does it mean?

Green dot receptacles are marked to designate they are Hospital Grade. Another designation of “Hospital Grade” or “Hosp. Grade” is printed on the back of the receptacle. First off, these receptacles must qualify for UL certifications that general use receptacles must also qualify for. Then, these receptacles must undergo a different series of tests to be labeled with a green dot.

One such test is for the strength of the connection.  A receptacle is hung upside down with a pin inserted and a weight attached. The connection is supposed to remain intact without the pin popping out. The receptacle must also be durable enough to withstand crashing and crushing. Extra grounding reliability is also built-in.

All these features and even more are what give these receptacles a Green Dot.

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