RV Generator Adapters

AC Connectors provides many AC WORKS® brand RV and generator locking adapter and plug adapter options.  Each generator adapter allows for a connection between your standard 30 Amp or 50 Amp RV Adapter and cord sets to various types of electrical generator receptacles and power sources. We have both straight-blade and locking adapter options available to meet your needs.  The products, shown here, give you RV and generator plug adapter options.  We also offer the convenience of both a 30 and 50 Amp RV Power Kit.  The generator to 30 and 50 Amp RV power can also be used for Food Truck Power.

(Examples: 30 Amp TT-30P, 50 Amp 14-50P and 14-50, L14-30, L14-20, L5-30, L5-20.)