14-50R Receptacle outlet
AC WORKS® Brand Solutions for your 14-50R - 50 Amp - 125/250 Volt Outlet 




RV1450TT  Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ brand RV1450TT RV and Marine Shore Power Adapter
RV1450TT-018 Common Uses:
RV1450TT-018 flexible adapter
AD1450L630 Common Uses:
AD1450L630 AC WORKS™ Brand Orange Adapter
AD1450SS2 Common Uses:
AD1450SS2 AC WORKS™ Brand RV and Marine Shore Adapter
AD1450520 Common Uses:
AD1450520 AC WORKS™ Brand Household T-blade Adapter
AD1450630 Common Uses:
AD1450630 compact adapter
S1450630-018 Common Uses:
S1450630-018 Flexible Adapter by AC WORKS®
AD1450L1430 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand RV, Range and Generator Adapter
S1450620-012 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand S1450620-012 RV, Range, Generator Flexible Adapter
S14501430-018 Common Uses:
S14501430 by AC WORKS®
S1450L1430-018 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand S1450L1430-018 Locking Flexible Adapter
AD1450L620 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand AD1450L620 Compact Orange RV, Range, and Generator Adapter
AD14501030 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ brand AD14501030 right angle adapter with ground pin
WD14501050 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand Compact Welder Adapter
WD1450650-018 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand Welder to Generator Adapter
RV1450M30 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand RV, Marine, Generator Adapter
AD1450L1420 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand Compact Orange Adapter
WD1450650 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand WD1450650 Compact Adapter
S1450F520-018 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand S1450F520-018 Range Outlet to PDU Adapter
ADTE1450 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand Temporary Power Adapter
S1450CB520 Common Uses:
S1450CBF520 Common Uses:
S1450W620-018 Common Uses:
S1450SS2-15 Common Uses:
AC WORKS™ Brand RV/Marine Cord
  • Marine Shore Power
  • RV Campground Power
  • Detachable Power Cord
TE1450 Common Uses:
TE1450 Generator Power Cable for Emergency Power and 50 Amp Inlets
  • Generator
  • Emergency Power
  • Temporary Power
  • 50 Amp Inlet Power Cable
  • Available in 25, 50, 75, and 100 Foot Lengths
PB1450TT Common Uses:
PB1450TT Piggy Back Adapter
  • Generator
  • RV Campground Power
  • Travel Trailer
  • 30 Amp RV Campground Power
  • 30 Amp Marine Shore Power
PB14501430 Common Uses:
PB14501430 Piggy Back Adapter
  • 4-Prong Dryer
  • Dryer Relocation
  • EV Charging
PB1450620 Common Uses:
PB1450620 Piggy Back Adapter
  • Industrial and Commercial Outlet
  • Hotel Room HVAC
  • Power Tools and Equipment
  • Air Conditioning
  • EV Turbo Cord Charging
PB14501030 Common Uses:
PB14501030 Piggy Back Adapter
  • Old Dryer Outlet
  • EV Charging
  • Welder
  • Temporary Power
  • Ceramics Kiln
PB1450520 Common Uses:
PB1450520 Piggy Back Adapters
  • Household Power
  • Pumps
  • Light-Duty Power Tools
  • Emergency Power
  • Garden Tools
  • PDU 
  • Power Splitter 
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