L21-30R Outlet

AC WORKS® Brand Solutions for your L21-30R - 30 Amp - 120/208 Volt Outlet 



L2130PDU Common Uses:
L21-30PDU PDU Outlet Box by AC WORKS®
  • Temporary Power
  • Emergency Power
  • PDU
ASL2130P Common Uses:
  • Surface Grinder
  • 30A Switches
  • 30A Blower
  • DIY Wiring 
EVL2130MS-018 Common Uses:
EVL2130MS-018 by AC WORKS®
  • Plug your NEMA 14-50P Tesla Charging Plug into this Adapter and Use your Welder Outlet to Charge your Tesla Electric Vehicle
L2130PR Common Uses:
  • Convention Power
  • Power Streamers
  • Industrial High Power 
L2130630-018 Common Uses
L2130630-018 by AC WORKS®
  • Commercial
  • HVAC
  • Pressure Washer
ASEL2130P Common Uses:
NEMA L21-30P 30A 3-Phase 120/208V 3PY, Elbow 5-Wire Locking Male UL, C-UL Approval
  • DIY Replacement Connections
  • Replacement Plug
WDL2130650-018 Common Uses
WDL2130650-018 AC WORKS® Welder Adapter Available in Canada
  • Welder
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