AC WORKS® [RV7WBOX-096] Heavy-Duty 7-Way Junction Box with 8ft Cord

  • $50.86 CAD
  • Save $17.80 CAD

Introducing our Heavy-Duty 7-Way Trailer Plug with Junction Box, designed to streamline your wire harness and simplify trailer wiring tasks. Crafted with a 100% copper blade molded into a robust plug, this product ensures fast and secure wire connections while keeping your trailer wiring neatly organized.


  • Convenient Wiring: The sturdy junction box features color-marked 7 poles for easy identification, allowing hassle-free wiring of turn lights, brake signals, reverse lights, tail lights, and more.

  • Flexible Installation: With an 8-foot-long cord encased in soft yet durable PVC housing, this plug offers ample flexibility for wiring from the front to the rear of your vehicle..

  • Superior Sealing: Equipped with 4 open and 4 closed rubber-fitted grommets, this junction box provides customizable sealing options to suit your wiring needs, ensuring waterproof, dustproof, and corrosion-resistant performance.