AC WORKS® Safety Switch Y-Cable [EVY1430SW-036] 30A 125/250V NEMA 14-30 4-Prong Dryer Plug to Two NEMA 14-30 4-Prong Dryer Connections With Switch

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This AC WORKS® brand Safety Switch Y-Cable [EVY1430SW-036] is very durable with a length of 3 feet.  It is a NEMA 14-30P to two NEMA 14-30R. The adapter is used to connect two different appliances, like a dryer and your EV charging cable, at once without having to plug and unplug cords all the time, running the risk for arching and fire hazards. 

Using this switch, you can plug two appliances in at once and power one appliance at a time, without tripping the breaker. A common use for this product is switching between powering your 4-prong dryer and EV charger. Keep both items plugged in, one to each of the connectors, and then use the switch to power each one at different times.  You can even label the switches for more convenience. This product includes a 5-year limited warranty


  • STW 10/4, 600 Volt Jacket with a 30 Amp Copper Wire
  • NEMA 14-30P to Two NEMA 14-30R
  • NEMA 14-30P, 30 Amp, 125/250 Volt, 4-Prong Male Plug
  • Two NEMA 14-30R, 30 Amp, 125/250 Volt, 4-Prong Connectors
  • Flexible and Weather Resistant Jacket Cable
  • Conveniently Switch From Powering Your Dryer to Charging Electrical Vehicle
  • Mounting Holes

Common Uses

  • Switching between dryer and EV charging with ease


EVY1430SW-036 Product Specification Sheet

Safety Switch Y-Cable EVY1430SW-036 User Manual

AC WORKS® Brand Limited Warranty