AC WORKS® [TT30R103-018] 30A 125V 1.5ft STW 10/3 NEMA TT-30R Connector to ROJ

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This AC WORKS® brand cord [TT30R103-018] is a heavy-duty cable that can be hard-wired or used to make a custom connection. This 1.5-foot cord is a NEMA TT-30R to stripped 3-wires. The NEMA TT-30R is a 30 Amp, 125 Volt RV female connector. The other end has 2 inches of the outer jacket stripped, and 0.3 inches of the inner jacket stripped with ferrules equipped. The cable is an STW, 10/3, anti-cold weather cable that stays flexible in extreme temperatures.  The cord is super durable and typically used with RVs and generators.


  • NEMA TT-30R to Stripped 3-Wire Connection
  • NEMA TT-30R, 30 Amp, 125 Volt Female Connector
  • STW, 10/3, 3-Wire Connection with 2 Inches of the Outer Jacket Stripped, and 0.3 Inches of the Inner Jacket Stripped with Ferrules Equipped
  • Anti-Cold Weather Cable Staying Flexible in Extreme Temperatures
  • 5-year Limited Warranty 

Common Uses

  • Custom Equipment
  • Custom Connections


AC WORKS® Brand Limited Warranty