How Do Our Piggy-Back Adapters Work?

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

Recently, we brought in a new line of innovative adapters: piggy-back adapters. These new adapters offer multiple power solutions for your 1450 outlet and even travel trailer outlets. Let's start with our 1450 class of piggy-back adapters. The male plug end is a NEMA 14-50, most often used with RV campgrounds, high-powered generators, and electric cooking ranges. On the backside of the plug, is a 14-50 outlet with a cover. We offer a variety of connections for the female connector end of these flexible adapters.

Be on the lookout for more innovative AC WORKS® adapters such as these in the future and get notified when you subscribe. If you have a suggestion for an adapter, please leave us a comment down below. Thank you for watching! AC Connectors strives to provide power solutions to its customers since its founding in 2015.

From our headquarters (Oak Creek Wisconsin, USA), we provide solutions worldwide and work efficiently to ship our AC WORKS® brand products out quickly, especially to those struck by natural disasters.

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