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Some of our customers have been charged a re-stocking fee in the past and have questioned why.  Today I want to explain what the fee is for, but most importantly, how you can avoid the fee altogether.  

We value our customers and do as much as we can to avoid the hassle or to create an experience that is less than supportive of you.  I want to explain what the fee is, so you can understand why it would need to be charged.  A re-stocking fee is a small charge to our customers when they return an item. I know what your thinking. “Why?” you say “I don’t need the item, why do you need to charge me a fee to give it back to you?”

Our re-stocking fee is put in place to recoup the cost of shipping your product to you.  Packing materials, labor, and other costs are paid as result of shipping a product out to a customer.  Every product has a cost margin, if we lose that money on every product we ship, we would not be able to offer our customers anything.  

INSIDER TIP: You don’t have to pay a re-stocking fee, let us tell you how to avoid the fee. 

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You need to know, we are happy to help our customers at any time.  The good news to you, as our loyal customer, is the restocking fee can be avoided!  If you want to avoid being charged a re-stocking fee, you have a few options.  The first option is to contact customer support for a free consultation prior to your purchase.  If you are unsure of what product you need, please contact us.  Our customer support is available any time of day or night, to help you. The second option is to exchange your product.  If you purchased the incorrect product, we will exchange the product for you without a re-stocking fee being charged to you.  We have this option available as a service to our loyal customers. For more detailed information on this topic, visit our Return Policy. 

For a free consultation please contact Tony in Customer Support.

You can also text Tony an image of the problem you are having so he can help you find a solution before you place your order (414) 323-3240.

In today’s world, people are busy.  Always on the go.  Some people have opted to shop online rather than in the retail box stores.  In a busy world, mistakes are likely to be made.  If you are in a hurry and quickly make an incorrect purchase by mistake, a return is likely. Once you decide you must return the product to us, you can follow the steps in our return policy and ship the product back to us. That is so easy, right!

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