Reasons for Shipping Delays

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Reasons for Shipping Delays

We work hard to prepare, pack, and ship product orders quickly and efficiently while doing our best to save on shipping costs. No one is perfect, the weather is unpredictable, and holidays impact certain times of the year. Shipping delays happen, and logistics companies try to avoid them when possible, but they happen.

Reasons for shipping delays and how to avoid them by AC WORKS®

We created a list of the most common shipping delays we see; and how to avoid them when possible.

Unpredictable Weather Delays:
Unpredictable weather situations are the most common reason for package delays. We use USPS, UPS, and FedEx's many services for shipping packages, depending on the need of our customers. When shipping delays are imminent, we do our best to make customers aware of what is coming. We do watch the weather in other areas of the country when possible. If we know there is a risk of severe weather, we will warn you.

The only thing you can do in this case is to be aware. Watch our social media channels for updates on shipping and weather-related delays. We ship all over, making it impossible to predict your weather before sending your package. In this case, you will have no choice but to be patient and know our staff and carriers are working as quickly and safely as they can to deliver your package.

Carrier Delays:
Just like the weather, we cannot predict carrier delays, their reasons, or when they will happen. Delays from any chosen carrier for any reason are out of our control. In this case, you will contact the shipping carrier to find out more about your delivery, the delay, and what you can do.

Delivery Estimates:
Delivery estimates are not a guarantee of when your package will arrive. Be patient with our shipping carriers; as we already mentioned, things can happen during delivery processes that can cause delays. In this case, check the estimates provided to you against the carrier's current known delays, if any. You can also check the weather and any events in your area to help guide your shipping decision. Before you order, know your package could arrive before or after the estimated arrival date.

Package shipped out within 24 hours of an order placed, on all business days.

The Holiday Rush:
Many shipping carriers offer their employees time off and are closed for government holidays. If open, they may have restricted their services and hours. During the holidays, try to plan and place your order before you need it, if possible. Last-minute and rush orders will happen. In this case, we can only offer you the satisfaction of knowing our orders ship within 24 hours of being placed.

You Received No Tracking or Shipping Details:
You placed your order and there is no communication confirming the order or its shipping documentation. Usually, this is because there is no email or an incorrect email in your account. There are cases where typos and wrong information results in a lack of communication between us and our customers.

In this case, contact us and we will be happy to help. If you have any information, have that ready and available. You should know the order name, the sales channel you ordered from, the order number (if possible), your address, phone, and email. This information is imperative to us in locating your missing order details. Completely and accurately answer all questions asked during checkout to avoid this problem.

The Package Was Delivered But Is Not Here:
You may receive a notification from the shipping carrier letting you know your package was delivered. Customers give feedback they found their packages on their porch, doorstep, front lawn, in their bushes, in their grill, under patio furniture, and just about everywhere on their property. If you received a delivery notice and there is no image of your package location, check around your property for the package before calling us or the carrier.

The first step given to you when you call will be to look around your property. Next, we suggest checking with neighbors or homes with very similar addresses as you on the block. Human error is real, no one is perfect, and people make mistakes. If you don't find your package contact the carrier for further instructions. They might know more about the location of your delivery and are in contact with the trucks and drivers.

Package Delivered to Wrong Home is a possibility for a missing package delivery.

Warning - Please Read
Please be available to receive your package or have the item shipped to a location where someone can accept the delivery on your behalf. The result of so many people shopping online is property theft is a real possibility. It is more common in some areas than others, but it happens everywhere.

We do not offer a delivery guarantee, the same as shipping carriers. This means your package could arrive before or after the estimated delivery time frame, or if something happens to your package during delivery, it is out of our hands.

Orders placed before 3 pm CST, on business days will leave our warehouse the same day. During December and January, this time changes to noon on business days. If you place an overnight order on a Friday afternoon, there is a chance you will not receive it until Monday. We do our best to satisfy every customer.

If you have questions, contact our customer service team.

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