How to Order the GEKIT01

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

Sometimes it’s hard to tell what will be available to power your specific event. You may be organizing a food truck rally, local arts festival, a community fair, or some other event that requires many different appliances or machinery. But how will you power it all?

Introducing the AC WORKS® brand GEKIT01, the first multi-purpose “build your own” bundle from AC Connectors. This versatile kit starts with the base products of PD4GF-010, SS2L1430-018, S10301430-018, AD1430L1430, and AD1450L1430. From there you can add on a variety of different extension cords and power distributors. The more you add, the more you save. Follow this step-by-step instructional video to order your GEKIT01 today!


With GEKIT01 customized to your liking, you will be ready to power any event. If you have any questions about this new kit, please leave us a comment down below or give us a call. You can also reach us with a text. Thank you for watching!

AC Connectors strives to provide power solutions to its customers since its founding in 2015. From our headquarters (Oak Creek Wisconsin, USA), we provide solutions worldwide and work efficiently to ship our AC WORKS® brand products out quickly, especially to those struck by natural disasters.

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