Level Two Charging Complications for Chevy EV's

Posted by Stephanie Junek on

If you subscribe to our monthly newsletter, you may have read a little bit about our research on level 2 charging for Chevy electric vehicles. Now, we want to elaborate a little more as we continue our research into such a product. Chevy EVs come with a portable charger to connect to a regular household outlet for a 12 Amp level one charging rate. In order to get a more efficient level 2 charging rate, there are 32 Amp level 2 chargers available, but they are not portable, and they are expensive.

Chevy owners have reached out to us saying the portable charger lists it is able to go up to 240 volts and try to purchase our adapters to do so. There are 240-volt outlets around the house, and we do have adapters to fit them, but it still won't work. Let’s use AD1430520 as an example. Again, the portable cable has a household plug, which fits into the connector end of this adapter, but it will only operate at 120 volts. The connector end of this adapter is wired to function as a regular household outlet at 120 volts.

Keep an eye out for more updates on this topic in the future. If you have other questions about charging electric vehicles, please leave us a comment down below. Otherwise, be sure to give us a like and subscribe to see more content like this. Thank you for watching.

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